Ichiban Kan Online Store closed effective July 7, 2009. We, the online staff at Ichiban Kan as well as the rest of our employees would like to thank you for shopping through our web store. Online store closure will in no way affect our retail locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our customer service staff will take care of any issues with your orders until July 28, 2009. To contact us, simply reply to the order or shipping confirmation email.

We will dearly miss you all. Thank you so much for many heart-warming comments through our online message form, on the blog, facebook and twitter during the past two weeks. We are sorry if you could not buy a complete set of a particular lunch box product line as we were closing. We transferred all stocks of popular items at the warehouse to the online store in order to prepare for a high volume of last orders; however, some items sold out quicker than others as usual...

As for our blog, facebook and twitter, we are trying to find somebody who can maintain our accounts.

We again thank you for your business. When we re-open, please do come back and buy more. ;)


Important Message

Farewell to our loyal fans:

Ichiban Kan will be indefinitely, while we do hope to re-establish our online presence in the future.

As soon as items are sold out, our online store will be closed. Please rest assured that if you have a problem with your order after our store is closed, our customer service staff will still take care of any issue for your satisfaction.

We are sincerely grateful for having had so many customers who enjoy our products since April 2008. It has been fun, challenging and rewardng for us to build this online store every day. We loved hearing from you and will miss interacting with you on social media and through our contact form. If it wasn't for you, we couldn't have grown this much.

If you are ever in the bay area, please stop by one of our retail locations which will all remain open.

We wish you a fun, safe and healthy summer.
Yours truly,

Ichiban Kan Online Store


New Items

Do you like this set? Take a look at the cup, bowl and tea pot.

Have you checked out new Hakoya boxes & chopsticks caps?
We couldn't import as many as we ordered from Hakoya, which means they are selling them out and will probably not manufacture any more. Again we are offering great prices on these boxes you cannot find anywhere else!

Bio Keeper Containers are food containers our buyer highly recommends. Newly developed plastic materials along with 100% air-tight lids keep your food fresher and longer.
In this container, food will have less freezer burn and frost on it, compared to comparative products from other manufactures.

"Educational" origami paper contains English instruction sheets on common shapes. This will be a fun way to make origami crafts with your kids!

We will be introducing more ceramic items soon.


Just saw it on the news

Read about a really "cool" lunch box in Japanese news over the weekend.

Gel Cool (only in Japanese) is a bento box product line that has gel ice inside a lid. You simply freeze the lid over night and it will keep the boxed meal evenly nice and chilly for 3-4 hours under an 80F degree environment.

If any of you has a friend/family member in Japan or is planning on visiting Japan, you can purchase it on their web site or visit one of the retail locations.

It looks like this is the only company who manufactures this type of boxes as of now. Very clever!


Reviewed Products

Here are some products recently reviewed:

As we don't get to test all items, we often learn about products we carry from these reviews. As we mentioned before, we do screen for obscene words, but do not reject any comments based on the review ratings. We thank customers who contributed to product reviews so far!

Magnet Hook #4560177462873 $1.25

7 Pack Bubble Gum #21_046572800075 $0.89

Magnifying Glass #4954390200044 $1.50

Extra-tight Food Container T #4955959123019 $1.50

Noriten Fried Seaweed #21_4985636007257 $2.29

Natural Lunch Drink Bottle #4965534857710 $1.50

Disposable Bathtub Sheets #4956810212842 $1.00


Some recent FAQ

Some frequently asked questions:

#1: What happened to Clickety Click?
As announced several times before, Clickety Click has ceased and the TomoTomo line has replaced CC.
Due to its discontinued status, we are no longer able to import CC.

What's up with the inconsistent animal designs of TomoBoy and Girl? When we received the catalog from the manufacturer, we thought the same!
Manufacturer designed the product line that way, and that's why we do not have a set of items in one animal, for example, TomoBoy's 2-tier box is bear and tight seal box giraffe, and so on.

As for Putifresh, it's also being discontinued. To the best of our knowledge, the manufacturer has not designed any replacement line.

#2: Are you planning on carrying more food picks, sauce bottles, food dividers, etc?
We know that there are more lunch decoration goodies in the Japanese market. As you are aware, we offer super low prices because we rely on items available for low purchase costs (which does not mean inferior quality). While we would love to increase offerings, it's also hard to get good deals on everything!

#3: Are you going to offer international shipping any time soon?
We were very hopeful to expand our delivery areas, but USPS has been somewhat unreliable and we are not confident about using them internationally yet. :(


Thai Salad

Made Thai Clear Noodle Salad! I used shrimps, one shalott and cilantro. Looks good, doesn't it?
It was very easy and took only 10 minutes. The lemony salad sauce contains fish sauce, but it didn't taste or smell much fish sauce. My husband is not a fan of fish sauce, but he didn't complain about detecting it in the salad. Rather he was surprised that it was spicier than it looked. If you like spicy food, you will love it!
One thing I would change next time is to decrease the amount of shalott to 1/2 to 1/4, and include green onion/scallion and bean sprouts for crunchy texture.

Serving size is 2-4 people as an appetizer or a side dish.