Japanese snacks

As many of you know, Ichiban Kan sells a variety of Japanese snacks.

For our online store, we haven't decided whether to offer popular Japanese snacks like Pocky.

Are you interested in buying non-perishable food from us online?

Vote on the new poll and help us make a decision!


Japan office is established

Ichiban Kan has officially established an office in Japan. This new office will become our crucial location as they can conduct more accurate marketing research on hot products in Japan. Of course, Ichiban Kan USA staff will also continue searching for great merchandise at competitive prices!


San Francisco store is reborn

Ichiban Kan San Francisco store installed new shelves early this week! Staff are now busy unpacking and placing products to go back to normal store operation this weekend.
The store looks pretty sleek with new shelves and waxed floor. :)

Visit us @ SF Japantown if you are in the bay area!

Storefront inside the Miyako Mall

From the entrance on Post Street

Inside the store


Ichiban Kan on CBS5

Hooray! Our San Mateo store was introduced on CBS 5 (kpix tv) during their evening news last Sunday.

Sadly, the Web Team members all missed it... oops...


We appreciate your feedback!

We are quite overwhelmed by your comments and anticipation! Since we have been in business only in the bay area, we had no idea our online store would attract people from all over the world!

This is great! We are very encouraged!!!