Japanese snacks

As many of you know, Ichiban Kan sells a variety of Japanese snacks.

For our online store, we haven't decided whether to offer popular Japanese snacks like Pocky.

Are you interested in buying non-perishable food from us online?

Vote on the new poll and help us make a decision!


Anonymous said...

oh! please, I love pocky - would you offer a variety of flavors? WOuld you offer those yummy little mushroom shaped chocolate dipped snaks? Jellies?

Anonymous said...

I would also be interested in buying them!

Jeannette said...

I live near World Market and we have a lot of that kind of stuff there, but who am I to deny the goodness to others? Bring it on!

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

Thanks for your comments!
We will discuss food offerings with our purchasing manager.

Anonymous said...

Even something as basic as nori cannot be found where I live. I would like to see basic items and also anything that would be fun to add to a bento box.

Lisa said...

yes!! especially the hard to get snacks...yum!

Bethany said...

I'd buy things like that and anything else that looks yummy. My supply is limited here. Really looking forward to the store!

Lori Ann said...

Please do sell snacks online!!! Yum!!!

Can't wait for your site to open. Love your homepage!!!

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> anonymous
Bento-related food wasn't on our list, but you gave us a good idea!

> lisa
let us know if there is any particular hard-to-find snack you are craving for.

> bethany
we hope we live up to your expectation!

> lori ann
thanks! the current homepage is actually a temporary layout, but we are happy to hear you like it. :)

Becky said...

I would definitely buy non-perishable food items online. I live in the DC area, and the closest good Asian grocery to me is 40 minutes away. My kids love the mushroom-and-bamboo-shaped chocolates I find in small packs there, and I have ordered many candies off Jlist. I would be especially interested in the cute precut nori, Pokemon and Hello Kitty shapes and such.

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> becky
Thanks for your input! The mushroom-and-bamboo-shaped chocolates must be "apollo" or "Kinokono yama."
Due to heat, we may not carry chocolate snacks online in summer, though.

Anonymous said...

please do! I would love to see what you have, and I'm sure I'd have spent a good deal of my paycheck on your snack by the time I'm done. Haha. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

YES! Do carry snacks! I know I speak for the masses. There was an asian girl in my 5th grade class & she was the envy of everyone because she had the most unique snacks at lunch. Please...allow my kids to be envied by there classmates :)

Snacks to carry:
pocky!, pretz, kyabetsu taro, hello panda, koala's march, ajigonomi, curl, pucca, green tea kit kat, wasabi peas, pudding marshmallows, walkywalky, senbei, umai bo, toppo + much more!

I am so excited for you all! And excited for my future orders, too!!

Anonymous said...

Yes please. I adore aji zukushi and all senbei.

Anonymous said...

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