The day has come

We are happy to announce that our website is up online at ichibankanusa.com!

Well, let us warn you that our shopping cart hasn't been completed. We are almost there, though. In the meantime, you can browse our products.
It's been beyond our control in spite of advanced preparation, and we hope you understand it.

We are still trying to improve the website. We will aggressively add more products and organize our featured products section.

Thank you very much for your support and patience.
We are looking forward to and working very hard toward releasing our full webstore as soon as possible.


Magic Sponge

Have you heard of a sponge containing melamine?
This magic sponge can remove stain on your cups, plates and even bathroom tiles!

What's so great about this product is that you don't need any detergent. Yes, only water will do. Are you skeptical about it? Just give it a try. You will love it!

This pack contains 2 sponges. We also have a longer style which can be cut into any size you like.

By the way, we changed the blog URL to http://blog.ichibankanusa.com. You will be automatically directed even if you still use http://ichibankanusa.blogspot.com.


Japanese Cell Phone Holder

An ocean cargo full of Ichiban Kan goodies arrived at our warehouse last week.
These soft cell phone holders are an example of cool new stuff we recently imported. The cell phone holders are made of 100% cotton, padded inside, and designed with distinctive facial expressions. There are only three in the photo, but we have about 10 different designs.
Great for home and office. Available for $3.50 each at our stores now!


Spring Break Travel Accessories

Planning on traveling somewhere this Spring?

Ichiban Kan has convenient travel accessories.

We have several pill cases and cream/lotion kits to fit your needs.

Many compact cases even come with a petite spatula, so you could transfer easily a necessary amount from regular size bottles and jars.


Thanks for your vote!

We thank those who voted on the food poll!
Our food selection may be initially limited, but we will do our best to offer them online at competitive prices.

Again, thanks for your support!