The day has come

We are happy to announce that our website is up online at ichibankanusa.com!

Well, let us warn you that our shopping cart hasn't been completed. We are almost there, though. In the meantime, you can browse our products.
It's been beyond our control in spite of advanced preparation, and we hope you understand it.

We are still trying to improve the website. We will aggressively add more products and organize our featured products section.

Thank you very much for your support and patience.
We are looking forward to and working very hard toward releasing our full webstore as soon as possible.


Mish said...

I'm so excited! I've already made a list of things I want and you don't even have everything on the site yet!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> mish
As you noticed, we may not have half of our inventory on the website yet!
We've recently imported two 40-foot containers full of goods, and we still haven't sorted them out for the webstore.

For our bento box fans out there, one ocean container from Japan is on the way with LOTS of bento supplies.

Loryn said...

I am so excited! Good work; can't wait to go shopping on the site!

Biggie @ Lunch in a Box said...

Great accomplishment, congratulations! I definitely like your reasonable pricing. When would you estimate being able to get your shopping cart function fixed? Are we talking days or weeks?

Dani said...

I can't wait! I'm excited by what you already have on the site. Lots of bento items are right up my alley.

Kelly said...

YAY! I've been watching this blog and the site daily in the hopes of an early peek. Like Mish I've already got a list of things I want to buy and hearing that you have more bento gear coming I'm even more excited to see what you'll have up! I can't wait til everything's available. Good job, folks!

chelsey! said...


I will definitely be all over this as soon as you've got the shopping cart fixed. Those onigiri boxes are adorable!

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

Thank you all!

If nothing major happens during a test run today, we are talking about DAYS, not weeks or months, before the full release.

Will keep you updated.

Maryann said...

Thanks for all of your hard work in getting a site like this up, and making it possible for those of us who don't live on the west coast to finally buy bento supplies at a reasonable price!