Men's Pocky, Gummy Chocolate, Humping Dog

Some newly added products on our website...

5 flavors of Gummy Chocolate
Wacky USB Toys

You may be concerned about ingredients of food items. While we try to catch up with data entry, please don't hesitate to contact us or leave a message if you would like to know more about particular products.

We also added more photos for Cleaning, Gardening and Hardware categories.


Thermal Bento Box Set

We received several inquiries regarding thermal bento box sets. We currently do not carry any thermal boxes/jars, but we will do some research and try to find affordable sets.
If you could vote on the poll, it will help us learn your interests.

If you have any comments on thermal lunch boxes, please feel free to leave a message.


Agh... Newest Update on the Incoming Products

We are sad to tell you that it's going to take a lot longer than we expected for the incoming ocean cargo to arrive at our warehouse due to delay in customs clearance.
Everyone at Ichiban Kan is shocked as much as you are. :(
It could take up to one month...

We will surely keep you updated on this.
Thank you so much for your patience!


Bento Box Update - Correction

We announced that new items arrive at our warehouse this week.
The plan has changed.
We will not be able to update photos and have items available until next week.

Thank you for your understanding.


Pocky and GlassLock

Pocky Regular is now available!

GlassLock is an innovative tempered glass food container.
This microwave- and dishwasher-safe product is durable and resistant to both cold and hot food.
Pardon our scanned photos. We will take better photos soon.

New Items Category

As many of you probably have noticed, we now have a "New Items" category for loyal Ichiban Kan fans.

You can view new items by clicking on the top tab "New" or a link on the right side.

On a related note, we will get tons of products back in stock next Tuesday. We will work on new items as fast as possible.


Hot USB Memory Drive Sticks

Doggy Tail Driver and Penguin Driver are now available on our website!

Unique & Practical USB drives.

1GB memory lets you store tons of documents and photos.

Simply plug in a USB port and use as a portable external data storage.

Compatible with USB 2.0 and UBS 1.1.

Smooth silicon body.

The cover is not detachable, and you will never lose it.



Japanese Food is now available online at ichibankanusa.com!

We currently have ...

Glico Pretz, Botan Rice Candy, YamamotoYama Seaweed, Kaki no Tane,
Fried Rice Mix, Furikake Rice Seasoning, YamamotoYama Green Tea

We will get more yummy snacks, e.g. Pocky, Gummy Choco, soon.


Grand Opening

Thank you all for patiently waiting for this day.
We are finally open!!!
Please read and understand our policies under "Customer Service" on IchibanKanUSA.com


Site under maintenance

Just to let you know that you may see the temporary website frontpage on and off at ichibankanusa.com for a few days.


Not yet...

Our shopping cart test run was half successful.
In any case, we are talking about DAYS, not weeks and months, before the full launch.

We will keep you updated...


Thanks for visiting our website!

We are again happily overwhelmed by favorable responses you've given us.

As dozens of you did (thanks!), you can register and create an account on our website.
Creating an account does not give you any special privileges at the current phase; however, when we fully operate our webstore, you will be able to track orders and messages with our Customer Support. We also offer you an option to shop without registration if you are tired of remembering an account name and password at every online store you shop from.

If you are interested in wholesale, please wait for a little longer. We will activate an application on the storefront when we are ready.

We are planning on listing food and cosmetic products within a few days. How exciting!!!!!