New Items Category

As many of you probably have noticed, we now have a "New Items" category for loyal Ichiban Kan fans.

You can view new items by clicking on the top tab "New" or a link on the right side.

On a related note, we will get tons of products back in stock next Tuesday. We will work on new items as fast as possible.


Jeannette said...

Cool! Will you have pics up soon?

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> jeannette

Yes! If you look at the lunch box section, you see bunch of new items without photos right now. It's because we don't have sample products to take photos in advance.

You might see pictures for new products as early as Tuesday evening (PST).

Anonymous said...

I'm extremely excited! Once those bento items are ready, I'm going to make a big order. Thanks, Ichiban Kan team for opening an online store! :]