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Soft and cute Chirimen Cat Cushions. We have 8 cat cushions to choose from!
How about one for your living room, bedroom and car?
This small eco tote bag is perfect for carrying lunch boxes.
We have argyle check patterns as well.
This mold helps you make an 8"-long sushi roll.
Try making your favorite roll with sushi nori sheet.
Fun water balloons with a pump.

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Sneak Preview

Another big shipment hailed from Japan. :)

Here's a list of items you might be interested in.

  • Seaweed cutter
  • Character bento molds/cutters
  • Riceball foil
  • Antibacterial lunch box sheets
  • Food picks
  • Sauce bottles
  • Japanese "Washi" Hand-Crumpled Wrapping Papers (10 color choices!)
  • and more stationery items for your office and school
Check back our store for updates!


Yummy Update

Glico Pocky Marble Green Tea
Coffee Candy (50 candies!)
Calbee Potato Chips Hot & Spicy
Nissin UFO Yakisoba Stir-fry Noodles
Japanese Pouch with a Mini Mirror

Japanese Pouch Pot Sticker Shape


More Chirimen Items and Food

Chirimen items are back in stock.

Already-made curry sauce (single serving)
A set of 7 bubble gum packs

Food section will be updated tomorrow.


"Tenmari" Chopsticks PINK

"Tenmari" Chopsticks Pink finally arrived at the warehouse from Japan just about one hour ago!


Sneak Preview

Disposable mayo cups

Aiming to update more around 3pm PT. :)


Animal 2-tier Bento Boxes

2-tier Bento Boxes are available again!
We have only about 100 each.


Shipping Notification Email

Our fulfillment/shipping confirmation email was a bit confusing as it did not contain shipping charge and tax (applicable to CA residents).

This issue is fixed. :)


Sneak Preview 2

Yep, the egg molds came earlier than we expected and are now available online.
Woo hoo!

Many of you are probably familiar with this product as often advertised during infomercials.
This fresh bag keeps vegetables and fruits fresher and longer!

* Some have been added to the web store, and others haven't. We are updating our web store as we upload this blog!
* We prioritized taking photos of new items. We haven't caught up with writing descriptions!

Check out the "New" section of our web store.


Sneak Preview 1

We will upload some photos on this blog tomorrow, but for now, we will give you a short list of things you may have been waiting for.

- "Tenmari" Bento set (2-tier bento box, belt, chopstick case, bag)
- Animal food picks (from the same series as the Adorable Bento Case/Box)
- Small Hello Kitty bottle 2P (looked good for sauce or dressing)
- More plastic containers
- Lots of chopsticks
- Hello Kitty pen case
- Hello Kitty body wash towel
- Sparkling stickers for nail art or cell phone decoration
- Sparkling pens
- Japanese Eraser Set: Lunch plate, dessert set, marine mates
and much more!

For those who have been dying to buy more egg molds, we will have both rabbit & bear and fish & car available by the end of this week or early next week!

The container that had been held by U.S. customs was released today! yeay!
We will bring it over to our warehouse tomorrow and are planning on inspecting items on Friday. This one should contain the 2-tier animal bento boxes and many more exciting products.

If you are one of the bento fans, these two containers should give you plenty of bento supplies when we have them up on the web.

Check back this blog again for further updates!


New Items

While one ocean container has been (still!) held, another one is arriving at our warehouse this coming Tuesday!
We will start taking photos as we unload products. You might see new products up on the web around Friday. Of course we will try to inform you of a more certain release date on this blog. We are talking about hundreds of items to inspect and upload, so we will see how it goes.
Stay tuned!


Wholesale is Open

We have started accepting wholesale applications!


Range Hood Filter with Magnets

Large Gas Range Hood Filter is a good friend for those who love deep-frying, but hate cleaning grease on range hood. This is a fairly large sheet (70"x18") and can be cut to customize.

    For your reference:
  • if you cut this filter into 17 3/4" x 17 3/4" squares -> worth 4 sheets
  • if 23 1/2" x 17 3/4" -> worth 3 sheets
  • if 29 1/2" x 17 3/4" -> worth 2 sheets
Another neat thing is that it comes with six magnets for super easy installation.

What's more, this filter sheet is actually useful for keeping dust away from air conditioner/heater vents as well.


New Straps & Purses & Wine Bottle Cover

You can find these in Charms and Pouches, or all these new items are in New section.


Checkout Error - Insufficient Qty

Some of you contacted us regarding a checkout error which indicated that "one or more items in the cart had insufficient quantities" without specifying an item.

We found a solution to the issue. Now the cart should show a problematic item and the available quantity if the number entered is more than we have.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if this problem persists or if you find any other bizarre trouble.



Voodoo Dolls

Cute Voodoo Doll Straps and Keychains are now available both online and at our stores!
Please make sure the size info on each prodcut page, as there are two sizes.

FYI: we still do not know when we can get some products back in stock.

Thanks for votes and messages on thermal bento boxes

Thank you for voting on the poll and leaving valuable messages!

We will make an effort to find affordable sets as soon as possible.