More Chirimen Items and Food

Chirimen items are back in stock.

Already-made curry sauce (single serving)
A set of 7 bubble gum packs

Food section will be updated tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

By any chance, could you get us some round rice ball molds? I'm looking all over for some, but I'd prefer to buy from you.

Jen said...

My shopping cart is nearly full, just awaiting rice molds to be restocked. Any idea on time frame for those?

I also ordered and received already the tiny animal sauce bottles and several bento boxes/bags/belts - I'm very pleased!

Susan said...

I'm so glad your store is here. I'll never buy overpriced stuff from Ebay again! I've already placed my 3rd order!

Jen said...

I think its great that you all have a new items list so that we can all see what is new. It is getting a bit time consuming to look through though, is it possible to list items by date added or maybe trim the list down each weak?


Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> batshua & jen
a big shipment which arrives tomorrow will contain onigiri rice molds mini. likely to become available online on friday or early next week.

> susan

> jen
we typically remove items after one week. :)

Jen said...

Thank you!
I noticed that the new items page was just recently reduced from 191 items to 99, much better! :)
I look forward to seeing the rice molds.