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Soft and cute Chirimen Cat Cushions. We have 8 cat cushions to choose from!
How about one for your living room, bedroom and car?
This small eco tote bag is perfect for carrying lunch boxes.
We have argyle check patterns as well.
This mold helps you make an 8"-long sushi roll.
Try making your favorite roll with sushi nori sheet.
Fun water balloons with a pump.

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reece said...

Will there be more Clickety Click items such as utensils and cups available? Also I saw more molds will be coming soon. Will there be quail egg molds coming too? I'm sorry I always have so many questions, but I'm just so excited about this store. I love getting new lunch gear so that I can make new and interesting bento. Thank you so much for coming online. I wish there was an Ichiban Kan here on the east coast.

Allie said...


I was wondering if you plan on shipping to Canada in the near future. I really like some of your items and would love to purchase them if given the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

I just got my order.. Thank you so much! Everything is accounted for, and fabulous! You guys are truly great. God bless!

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> reece
Thanks for your questions! We do not have Clickety Click utensils or quail egg molds, but we forwarded your inquiry to our purchasing manager.

> allie
Thanks for your shoutout from Canada! We do not have any plan to ship internationally at the moment.

> anonymous
Thank YOU!!!

reece said...

Thank you so much! I just got my, I think, third delivery today. <3 The pink bento boxes look even better in person than in the picture. :D I love the little cherry detail on them. Again, thank you for coming online!

Anonymous said...

I just got my order yesterday! Thank you so much...we love the totes!! I'm recommending you to my friends. The blog is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

i love LOVE ichiban kan!! i ordered a lot of stuff already and can't wait to see what new items you have. i hope that you do get some more egg mold especially quail egg molds!

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