Sneak Preview 1

We will upload some photos on this blog tomorrow, but for now, we will give you a short list of things you may have been waiting for.

- "Tenmari" Bento set (2-tier bento box, belt, chopstick case, bag)
- Animal food picks (from the same series as the Adorable Bento Case/Box)
- Small Hello Kitty bottle 2P (looked good for sauce or dressing)
- More plastic containers
- Lots of chopsticks
- Hello Kitty pen case
- Hello Kitty body wash towel
- Sparkling stickers for nail art or cell phone decoration
- Sparkling pens
- Japanese Eraser Set: Lunch plate, dessert set, marine mates
and much more!

For those who have been dying to buy more egg molds, we will have both rabbit & bear and fish & car available by the end of this week or early next week!

The container that had been held by U.S. customs was released today! yeay!
We will bring it over to our warehouse tomorrow and are planning on inspecting items on Friday. This one should contain the 2-tier animal bento boxes and many more exciting products.

If you are one of the bento fans, these two containers should give you plenty of bento supplies when we have them up on the web.

Check back this blog again for further updates!


reece said...

This is fantastic news! I can't wait to see all of the new items. :D

Kitt said...

Maybe Customs realized they might soon have picketers marching outside with signs saying, "Free the bento!"

Kate said...

Yeah! And thanks for the updates. They make the wait easier.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Will we get more of those cute food picks I saw up a few days ago and those animal silicone cups? I'm anxiously waiting for more bento joy!

Anonymous said...

When will new items be available in the Japantown store?

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

These new items should be available at the Japantown store tomorrow or Friday.