"Tenmari" Chopsticks PINK

"Tenmari" Chopsticks Pink finally arrived at the warehouse from Japan just about one hour ago!


Jen said...

Yay! Thank you for the update.:D
I will be watching for them to be stocked!

Jen said...

I noticed right after I commented, its already in the store. Thank you Ichiban Kan!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just made an order, and I'm really excited to get it. I just have a question about the bento boxes. In the descriptions, they say "Instruction: For microwave usage, please remove the lid." But right below it, it reads "Caution: Not dishwasher/microwave safe"

So which is it? :]

reece said...

I have a small question. Are you guys planning on carrying Oshibori cloths and cases? It seems you have everything else needed for bento, except those. Also will you consider carrying convince store style onigiri wrappers?

Thank you,

Bethany said...

Hi, I was just wondering if you offered gift cards? I think I saw a spot for it when I ordered my things but haven't been able to locate it on the site. Thanks!

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> regarding the caution and instruction sections:
sorry for confusion! it's fixed now.

> reece
we forwarded your suggestion to our purchasing manager. thanks!

> bethany
we are not planning on offering gift cards for purchase...