Japan's hot summer feature

Typical summer feature in Japan is watching fireworks, as eating watermelon or ice shave on the porch with loose-fit yukata and "Tenugui" handkerchief around the neck on a hot night. We would like to share our memory with those products!!


New products will be updated today!!

Thanks for waiting!!
We will update some of the new items soon!


Pocky, Hi-chew, Gummy choco are on vacation....

Pocky, Hi chew, and Gummy choco are on summer vacation now.
They will be back in next fall.

We will introduce new snacks soon!!


Rumor says...

the next big shipment is somewhere at the port in Oakland, CA.
We are all crossing fingers for smooth customs clearance.

In the meantime, keep searching for hidden treasures on our web store!

By the way, the blogger at Ichiban Kan will be out of office for about two weeks. While she is away, her web team members will monitor comments and try to update you on new items when the aforementioned big shipment arrives at our warehouse.


Today's Picks

Oil Disposer Powder (3 Packs) solidifies used cooking oil and makes it disposable as regular garbage. Environmentally friendly product.
A few egg pans are available. More will be in stock again if you miss this opportunity.
Secret pens with light are so fun! Your kids will love them!

Ichiban Kan on Newsweek!

Thanks to Biggie at lunchinabox.net, we learned that our website has been mentioned in this week's Newsweek TipSheet. If you have a hard copy, the small article is on page 55.

Ichiban Kan is happy to be part of your healthy diet. :)


Japanese BBQ Goods

Colorful spoons and forks for your fun summer BBQ gathering.
Food Wrap 65 Feet is convenient for covering salad and wrapping leftover food.
Wet Cleaning Tissue for keeping hands and tables clean. 40 sheets in a resealable package.
Tongs to flip vegetables and meat on the grill.Santoku Knife to prepare BBQ food. We also have other knives.
This versatile tool is equipped to 1) cut things with a small knife and 2) open bottle caps and 3) cork.
13"x17" Grill grate
Microwavable Round Plates L are reusable. Plates and Bowls of this series are light and plastic-construction (polypropylene).We also have small microwavable plates which look perfect for eating hors d'oeuvres or dessert.
How about using these reusable microwavable bowls for salsa and dipping sauce?
All items at amazing prices!


Refrigerator in SF store

A new huge 3-door refrigerator came to SF store!

We have a new space for coffee, calpico, tea and eclair puff cake. Visit us and enjoy yummy chilled food!

(the photo shows the actual fridge.)


It's sunny in San Francisco.

Cute and soft body sponges
The label "KIDS" does not mean it's particularly small. This body wash sponge is indeed useful for people of all ages!

Limited amount of Monkey and Bear Clickety Click Triangle Onigiri Cases are available.
Another high quality ball point pen from Japan.
UNI-ball Jetstream was developed using a new technology to reduce friction between pen and paper. This fine 0.7mm pen offers very smooth ink flow. Permanent black ink. Available in Blue, Green and Pink. Get one for your office and summer school!

One important notice:
Due to rising temperature, we will stop selling Pocky on Friday, June 13. We do not want chocolate on pocky sticks to melt inside a box on your front porch. Pocky will be available again in the fall.


Today's Update

Hot new items at Ichiban Kan (both on the web and at retail locations)

Some popular items, e.g. Silicon lunch cups and "Natural Lunch" Trio Sets have been also re-stocked.

Products are typically not registered in the "New" section if they previously existed on the web store. So, be sure to browse around to shop for everything you've wanted!


Today's Picks

Car Window Shade 2P with Suction Cups
will block strong sun light
and protect your privacy inside the car.

We have added this Medium Bowl and other lacquered bowls.
Bamboo Skewers (120 skewers)


More Pocky and Hi-Chew Candies

More Pocky sticks and Hi-Chew flavors are available.

Have you had Japanese Dorayaki? Soft delicious dorayaki with green tea flavor is another new addition to our food category. Great for a tea/coffee time.

You *might* see more exciting new items tomorrow...