It's sunny in San Francisco.

Cute and soft body sponges
The label "KIDS" does not mean it's particularly small. This body wash sponge is indeed useful for people of all ages!

Limited amount of Monkey and Bear Clickety Click Triangle Onigiri Cases are available.
Another high quality ball point pen from Japan.
UNI-ball Jetstream was developed using a new technology to reduce friction between pen and paper. This fine 0.7mm pen offers very smooth ink flow. Permanent black ink. Available in Blue, Green and Pink. Get one for your office and summer school!

One important notice:
Due to rising temperature, we will stop selling Pocky on Friday, June 13. We do not want chocolate on pocky sticks to melt inside a box on your front porch. Pocky will be available again in the fall.


reece said...

Any chance on tight seal Clickety Click boxes and utensils? Also will you consider carrying mayonnaise containers and rice seasoning containers for bento?

Anonymous said...

Mine were melted together when I got them a few days ago, but they were tasty none the less! Will be looking for them again come school time :)

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

We don't carry those items right now. But we will consider to carry them in the future. Thank you for your comment.

Sorry about your pocky!