Japanese BBQ Goods

Colorful spoons and forks for your fun summer BBQ gathering.
Food Wrap 65 Feet is convenient for covering salad and wrapping leftover food.
Wet Cleaning Tissue for keeping hands and tables clean. 40 sheets in a resealable package.
Tongs to flip vegetables and meat on the grill.Santoku Knife to prepare BBQ food. We also have other knives.
This versatile tool is equipped to 1) cut things with a small knife and 2) open bottle caps and 3) cork.
13"x17" Grill grate
Microwavable Round Plates L are reusable. Plates and Bowls of this series are light and plastic-construction (polypropylene).We also have small microwavable plates which look perfect for eating hors d'oeuvres or dessert.
How about using these reusable microwavable bowls for salsa and dipping sauce?
All items at amazing prices!

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