Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you try to upload all new items at once?

When new items arrive, they are stocked on shelves at our retail locations within a week, why not at our web store? We try to introduce new products online about the same time or a bit earlier than retail location release.

Some products have been out of stock for a while... Are you ever going to re-stock them? Are you teasing?

Most items come back while some become discontinued in Japan. There is a person who screens items once in a while and remove those discontinued items from the web store. If you wonder about specific products, please give us a message. If you see out-of-stock items in the New category on the day we are adding products, it's part of update processes. We never mean to tease you!

When will you start shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico?

Good question... We are aiming to expand our delivery areas in January or February 2009.

Did you raise prices?

Yes, products at our stores are also affected due to rising fuel costs everyone is experiencing.

I live in the bay area, but cannot frequent your stores. Can you hold items at one of your retail locations?

We are unable to hold items at our retail locations.

I experienced a checkout error before placing an order successfully. Now there are two pending charges on my online account statement, what's happening?

Credit processors authorize and reserve a charge on your card when you submit orders online. When there are checkout errors, our system does not register those erroneous orders as sales, and hence you do not receive duplicate email sales confirmations. Any extra charge(s) should clear up within one week. Please contact your bank or credit card issuer for support if unaccounted charges do not disappear after a certain period of time.


To Quench Your Thirst for New Items...

When approximately 150 items appear in the New category, we are done with the massive update from the most recent shipment from Japan.

Here's the preview of some new items!

A few new chopsticks like this pair - Chopsticks with Goldfish
Reusable Mayo Cup 3P - Ivory or Navy
Variety of Travel Lotion & Cream Cases and Spray Bottles
A few new food picks
Plastic Magazine Racks and Storage Baskets


Time for New Stuff

As some of you noticed, some items are re-stocked.
We are going to work really hard to upload new cute & practical knick knacks as fast as possible!


What makes you think of Japan?

Click => What comes to mind when you think of Japan?

Your answer could be adopted to our online logo design!


Pad Thai

Today the blogger made Pad Thai, stir-fried rice noodles, using Pad Thai Noodle Set.

Like the green curry set below, it was so easy to make a delicious semi-homemade dinner because the basic ingredients were in the set!

All you need is a few things to add, for example, chicken, tofu and bean sprouts.

In blogger's version, fresh cilantro and frozen pre-cut green beans were added for a color, and lots of bean sprouts for a crunchy texture. Chicken breast was the meat of choice.

One pack of this served a little more than enough for dinner for two.

Add your favorite meat or/and vegetables and enjoy spicy stir-fried noodles!


Yum Yum Yum

These crispy potato chips are seasoned with shoyu (soy sauce) and a hint of mayonnaise. Such an an unusual flavor combination, yet somehow very yummy...

The blogger actually purchased and cooked green curry using the Thai Green Curry Set. The product package recommends chicken, but instead frozen pre-cooked medium shrimps were used. She didn't expect much from this curry set, but it turned out really well. One pack made enough delicious coconut-based curry for dinner for two. :) If you don't like fish sauce, it's still spicy and tasty without it. It doesn't smell fishy even if fish sauce is used, though.

Ichiban Kan now have some cookies online. YUM!


Sweltering Day?

It's getting really hot everywhere, isn't it?
Here are a few items perfect for cooling off on a hot and humid summer day.

We also have an array of beautiful Japanese hand fans. These fans can give you more breeze than a few sheets of paper or a catalog!

Japanese Bamboo Fans are made of bamboo frames and have Japanese style patterns.
Japanese "Sensu" Folding Fans are compact and slim when folded. Easily portable in a purse, tote bag and brief case.


New Items Up on the Web

Phew, we are done updating items from the most recent big shipment.
Check out fun new items on our web store!

A Quick Note

Hope you had a great holiday weekend. :)

We will be updating new items today.

You may not see all new items until the end of the day or early Tuesday because we will add items one by one as usual after completing product info sections. In any case, we will post a message when we are done with updates.

Don't rush! Please make sure the contents in your cart before order submission. We are unable to modify orders due to high order volume.

By the way, "Tanabata" is celebrated in Japan today.


Happy Independence Day!

We wish you all a wonderful holiday!

Ichiban Kan stores are open today. :)

Someone commented that the email subscription system has sent blog update notices a few hours after updates. The service is provided by feedburner.com and we are unable to do anything about delayed notifications. :(



One of the activities the Ichiban Kan blogger enjoyed during a recent trip to Japan was a nice soak in a hot bath with bath salts added.

A calming scent and hot water wrap your body and mind and brings you a relaxing time, especially after a rough, stressful day. What a treat for your body!

Japan has lots and lots of bath salts in the market. At Ichiban Kan we confidently offer Bathclin and Japanese Hot Spring Resort series. Bathclin is a widely popular Japanese bath salt product line. The Bathclins we have lets you take a cozy bath for dozens of times. If this carton appears a bit too large, Japanese Hot Spring series are compact 3-pack boxes and designed to replicate famous hot springs in Japan.

Don't stay in the bath too long, though, because your skin gets all wrinkly!

After recharging your body in a nice bath, now it's time for facial care. :)
We recommend Gatsby Perfect Mask for men and Sana Essence Facial Mask for women. Gatsby's new mask offers a "super refreshing" feeling after use, while Sana's facial pack moisturizes your skin with high quality royal jelly.

Simply place a mask on your face and enjoy a few more minutes of relaxing spa time. You might also want to try Nose Strips to cleanse your pores.