Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you try to upload all new items at once?

When new items arrive, they are stocked on shelves at our retail locations within a week, why not at our web store? We try to introduce new products online about the same time or a bit earlier than retail location release.

Some products have been out of stock for a while... Are you ever going to re-stock them? Are you teasing?

Most items come back while some become discontinued in Japan. There is a person who screens items once in a while and remove those discontinued items from the web store. If you wonder about specific products, please give us a message. If you see out-of-stock items in the New category on the day we are adding products, it's part of update processes. We never mean to tease you!

When will you start shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico?

Good question... We are aiming to expand our delivery areas in January or February 2009.

Did you raise prices?

Yes, products at our stores are also affected due to rising fuel costs everyone is experiencing.

I live in the bay area, but cannot frequent your stores. Can you hold items at one of your retail locations?

We are unable to hold items at our retail locations.

I experienced a checkout error before placing an order successfully. Now there are two pending charges on my online account statement, what's happening?

Credit processors authorize and reserve a charge on your card when you submit orders online. When there are checkout errors, our system does not register those erroneous orders as sales, and hence you do not receive duplicate email sales confirmations. Any extra charge(s) should clear up within one week. Please contact your bank or credit card issuer for support if unaccounted charges do not disappear after a certain period of time.


Anonymous said...

well there aren't 150 items yet, (as you had mentioned in a post below regarding new item update);so does this mean there are a few more new things to come? :)

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

well we decided not to upload some items on the web at the last minute... hence there are less than 150. in any case, we are done with the major update and you don't have to worry about finding new stuff after placing an order.

Anonymous said...

I am desperate to find hard boiled egg molds. They are out of stock on your site. Do you have any news about them? I would like to give them as party favors at my daughter's birthday party, so I would be ordering quite a few of them. Please help!