One of the activities the Ichiban Kan blogger enjoyed during a recent trip to Japan was a nice soak in a hot bath with bath salts added.

A calming scent and hot water wrap your body and mind and brings you a relaxing time, especially after a rough, stressful day. What a treat for your body!

Japan has lots and lots of bath salts in the market. At Ichiban Kan we confidently offer Bathclin and Japanese Hot Spring Resort series. Bathclin is a widely popular Japanese bath salt product line. The Bathclins we have lets you take a cozy bath for dozens of times. If this carton appears a bit too large, Japanese Hot Spring series are compact 3-pack boxes and designed to replicate famous hot springs in Japan.

Don't stay in the bath too long, though, because your skin gets all wrinkly!

After recharging your body in a nice bath, now it's time for facial care. :)
We recommend Gatsby Perfect Mask for men and Sana Essence Facial Mask for women. Gatsby's new mask offers a "super refreshing" feeling after use, while Sana's facial pack moisturizes your skin with high quality royal jelly.

Simply place a mask on your face and enjoy a few more minutes of relaxing spa time. You might also want to try Nose Strips to cleanse your pores.


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