Sweltering Day?

It's getting really hot everywhere, isn't it?
Here are a few items perfect for cooling off on a hot and humid summer day.

We also have an array of beautiful Japanese hand fans. These fans can give you more breeze than a few sheets of paper or a catalog!

Japanese Bamboo Fans are made of bamboo frames and have Japanese style patterns.
Japanese "Sensu" Folding Fans are compact and slim when folded. Easily portable in a purse, tote bag and brief case.


brittany said...

Is there another order of bento boxes coming in? Will the polka-dot bentos be restocked? Also will the antibacterial bento sheets be restocked?


Anonymous said...

I am hoping for the Tabi socks to be restocked myself, love those!

Anonymous said...

Hi, PLEASE restock the adorable food picks for bento. They fly off the "shelves" and i have been dying to get them for my daughter's bento lunches.

-Anne G.

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

Next Shipment = within 1-2 weeks

> brittany
Polka-dots bentos and antibacterial sheets are not going to be re-stocked soon...
Tenmari Tight Seal Box will come in, though.

> anonymous
agh, tabi socks won't be re-stocked soon, either.

> Anne G.
A few new food picks will be added and other existing picks will be re-stocked. :)