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Ajinomono Lunch Box Photo Contest

Show off your bento-making skills, using Ichiban Kan items!

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Potluck Idea

Spam Musubi Mold is not limited to making spam & rice sandwiches. We actually tried making spam and vegetarian versions.

Pink one is spam & cucumber and yellow one is a squared egg omelette & cucumber in the photo. Looks delicious, doesn't it?
It was quite easy to make this colorful sushi-like rice dish.

Our ingredients were steamed rice (plain, non-flavored), seaweed sheets for sushi, spam, cucumber and egg.

The following points are probably no-brainer for our readers who are bento-making & cooking experts, but here are our suggestions:

  • Keep the mold a bit wet. Rice sticks too much to the mold, otherwise.

  • Do not fill up the spam mold. If you fill it up, the result is too much rice or fillings.

  • Prepare a sheet of seaweed sized to the mold on a separate plate. After pressing down the mold cover and keeping everything together, move the entire mold swiftly on a sheet of seaweed. Then remove the mold and wrap the rice sandwich with seaweed. Seaweed does not get too moistened this way.

Making rolled sushi with a bamboo mat can be messy, but using this square mold was easy. By the way, sushi roll mold will be restocked sometime soon.

For vegetarian options, you can use a variety of fillings, such as cream cheese, avocado, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, daikon radish, spinach, zucchini, etc.

These colorful rice sandwiches will be great for potluck and home parties!


Gatsby Hair Wax

Two notes about Gatsby Hair Wax products:

Gatsby Grunge Mat will be discontinued by Mandom.

Gatsby Spiky Edge, Wild Shake and Air Rise are back in stock.

Site Maintenance - resolved

Looks like our web service has been interrupted.

We were not notified of this, either. *sigh* We are not even allowed to log in the system.

Unfortunately, no information about the duration of this maintenance is available.

If you submitted an order and received a confirmation via email, please do not worry. Your order went through.

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Introducing Spam Musubi Mold!

Spam Musubi Mold Now Available!

Alternatives to Food Cups

If you are not a big fan of paper food cups, Extra-tight Food Containers R 4P and S 4P are sturdier alternatives. These plastic containers are small enough to fit inside bento boxes with covers.
These are microwave safe, but make sure to remove the covers.

Containers E 3P also fits in many of the bento boxes, but currently out of stock.


Look For Natural Lunch and Clickety Click on Monday

Natural Lunch and Clickety Click series will be replenished along with a few new accessories on Monday. :)

Other notable replenishments are Tabi Socks, Rice Ball Mold Tawara Shape, Musubi Mold 2P (Heart & Star), Seaweed Cutters, Eco Bags, and Lucky Cat Straps.


Full-time Position at San Mateo Store

We are looking for a full-time employee to join a friendly team at our San Mateo store.

This person will be progressively responsible for all aspects of store operations.
Must be comfortable with using Word and Excel.
Prior retail experiences plus.
Japanese skills plus.

* No visa support.

Email your resume to info[at]ichibankanusa.com


High Quality Glass Container is In Stock Again

GlassLock containers 400ml and 715ml are in stock again!

GlassLock is made of tempered glass with an airtight cover. These food storage containers are very sturdy and keep your food fresh longer than other containers do. Glasslocks are easy to take care of and safe to use.

Due to its tempered glass construction, it might be a bit too heavy to carry around as a bento box, but it surely protects your food in case you drop it and prevents sauce from leaking inside your lunch bag.

Biggie @ Lunch in a Box has written an excellent review on Glass Boxes and Microwaving.


We Hear You

First of all, thanks for those who placed orders!
Many might have been wondering why orders haven't been sent out. To be honest, we have been a bit behind the schedule, but have been working hard to ship each order as soon as possible. We made a pretty good progress over the last two days.

Some voiced concerns about out-of-stock items. Yes, those items have been sold out and were not contained in the recent shipment. Yep, we know how disappointing it is to find out-of-stock items still out of stock. While we do our best to keep as many items as stocked, it is also true that certain items sell out more quickly than anticipated. In addition, please note that each shipment does not contain all items on the web due to limited space of an ocean cargo and stock status in Japan. Feel free to send us a message about particular items, though. We typically know about incoming items one month ahead.

Enamel Container Set - Polka Dot

Enamel Container Set - Rabbit

Vegetable Preparation Kit

Mini Paper Interior Decoration

By the way, to the best of our knowledge, our website has been working properly. However, please do let us know if you experience any problem accessing our site.

All right, we are back to packing more orders!