High Quality Glass Container is In Stock Again

GlassLock containers 400ml and 715ml are in stock again!

GlassLock is made of tempered glass with an airtight cover. These food storage containers are very sturdy and keep your food fresh longer than other containers do. Glasslocks are easy to take care of and safe to use.

Due to its tempered glass construction, it might be a bit too heavy to carry around as a bento box, but it surely protects your food in case you drop it and prevents sauce from leaking inside your lunch bag.

Biggie @ Lunch in a Box has written an excellent review on Glass Boxes and Microwaving.


Panda said...

Hi! I have read about this and wondered if there is any chance of it showing up in your shop one day!


Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> Panda,

Will ask a person who coordinates the food section of the web. :)