We Hear You

First of all, thanks for those who placed orders!
Many might have been wondering why orders haven't been sent out. To be honest, we have been a bit behind the schedule, but have been working hard to ship each order as soon as possible. We made a pretty good progress over the last two days.

Some voiced concerns about out-of-stock items. Yes, those items have been sold out and were not contained in the recent shipment. Yep, we know how disappointing it is to find out-of-stock items still out of stock. While we do our best to keep as many items as stocked, it is also true that certain items sell out more quickly than anticipated. In addition, please note that each shipment does not contain all items on the web due to limited space of an ocean cargo and stock status in Japan. Feel free to send us a message about particular items, though. We typically know about incoming items one month ahead.

Enamel Container Set - Polka Dot

Enamel Container Set - Rabbit

Vegetable Preparation Kit

Mini Paper Interior Decoration

By the way, to the best of our knowledge, our website has been working properly. However, please do let us know if you experience any problem accessing our site.

All right, we are back to packing more orders!


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say as always you guys are doing GREAT!!! And your online store is the best. Thanks for great and fun products at great prices and awesome communication and super fast delivery!!!! You guys probably don't hear it enough as people's usual tendencies (including my own) are to voice complaints. Your store online has been fantastic! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Any plans to stock oshibori and cases? I would love to see those! Thanks! Your store is fabulous.

AnnaOnTheMoon said...

is there anyway to get notified when the item you want is back in stock?