Happy Halloween!

We heard some SF store staff are dressing up in fun costumes, but office and warehouse staff are spending the day as usual.

Introducing a few ceramic items...

Ceramic Tea Pot with a tea strainer

Have a fun Halloween night!


Paper and Peanuts

We use crumpled brown paper and styrofoam peanuts as void fillings and cushioning.

Brown paper is our preferred material because it's environmentally more friendly and easier for you to clean up when opening packages.

Then why do you occasionally receive packages full of peanuts from us?
Our vendor of cosmetic items delivers products using tons of peanuts. Why not give them another use?

If you accumulate lots of peanuts from online orders, you could probably make an indoor snowperson!

Otherwise, please bring peanuts to UPS Stores, Mail Boxes, PostNet or one of Loose Fill Centers for recycling.


Back to the Old Setting

The "remove out of stock items from the web store" function worked fine for several days. Then the setting started acting up and stopped displaying items in the associated product categories when we replenished out of stock items on Friday.

Initially we thought the server needed some time to catch up with all the updates, but in a long story short, we are back to the "not accept back orders and show out of stock messages" setting.

We hate being flaky like this and apologize for the trouble you had to go through if you were shopping on our web store this past weekend.


Bobbin, Rinda, and Mink are back!

Did you know the animals in the Clickety Click series had names?
This is Mink, the Monkey.

Clickety Click, Putifresh, Men's Lunch (also known as Simple Modern Design Set), and Tenmari goods will be replenished tomorrow late afternoon. :)

A high quality bento set called "Bitter&Milk" will be also in stock. This is a great set containing a two-tier box, belt and drawstring bag. Chopsticks & case are separately sold.

As usual, we do not have an infinite supply of items, and we highly recommend you to purchase items if you see something you like on our web store.
If you wait until the 2nd week of December for Christmas gifts, we probably won't have a complete set of anything.

Also, we've learned that Clickety Click and Tenmari will be discontinued by the manufacturer in the near future.


Out of Stock Message Malfunction

All of sudden the "out of stock" message display disappeared from our web store last Thursday or Friday (we noticed it on Friday). If you placed an out of stock item in the cart, the system showed a message in red and didn't allow you to buy it, but we could foresee every customer's frustration.

Since our service provider could not give us any solution on Friday, the system was set to turn off all out of stock items.

From now on, when available quantities reach zero, items disappear from our web store whether you like it or not (!). Guess it gives a cleaner store look...

Sorry we couldn't inform you of this issue sooner.

Happy Shopping!


What Happened to Thermal Lunch Box Sets?

When we took a poll in April, we received fairly overwhelming responses from you. We did go through many catalogs from Japanese vendors to look for affordable thermal lunch box sets which would be comparable to, but not as expensive as Zojirushi ones.

Unfortunately, thermal lunch sets we found appeared too small for adults. That's why we haven't offered any thermal sets.

We will keep it in mind, though. Just thought we should keep our loyal fans updated on this!


Extra-Tight Food Container E 3P

Just wanted to show you the size of Extra-tight Food Container E 3P.

In Natural Lunch Tight Seal Box
In Putifresh Tight Seal Box
In Tenmari Tight Seal Box

You can close these bento box covers with the lids of the containers on.
Hope these photos are helpful!


All Set!!!!!

FINALLY! Our account was updated. :)

Thank you so very much for your patience.

To thank you, we are offering reduced Ground shipping fees for one week.

The adjusted fees will automatically show according to your order total.
For your information, here are the fees.

$0.00 - $14.99: $5.00 (normally $6.49)
$15.00 - $29.99: $7.00 (
$30.00 - $59.99: $8.50
$60.00 - $99.99: $10.00 (
$100.00 - $199.99: $14.00 (
$200.00 - Up: $28.00 (

Inventory of new items will be added soon has been added.


Melamine Contamination

To the best of our knowledge, no food sold at Ichiban Kan (both retail locations and online) has been found to contain melamine.
However, Koala Cookies (aka Koala's March) manufactured in Japan were cleared from the shelves as a precaution after Chinese authorities detected melamine in Koala's March made in China.

Our staff in charge of food will continue to keep tabs on this issue and ensure that we do not carry any contaminated food items.

Here's the most recent FDA announcement on melamine contamination.

South China Morning Post has compiled a helpful chronological list in pdf format.


So sorry that we are still closed...

We've been making phone calls and doing everything we can.
Sorry the store is not open yet. We are also very anxious about re-opening and tired from waiting.

A PayPal rep at least confirmed that they got our faxed documents... The rep said it could take them anywhere between 24 to 48 hours.
It took them only a few hours when we had to do the same thing about 6 months ago, though.

Well, we took photos of new products today and getting ready to release them on Wednesday or Thursday.

We will keep an eye on our account status all day again tomorrow.


Sadly, not until Monday...

All right, many of you must have been wondering what was going on.
To be honest with you, our credit card processing company has been keeping us offline.
We are switching processing services, and they did not handle the change well.

We finally got them straighten things up on their side and faxed a change of service document to PayPal, another party of the credit card transaction this afternoon. The PayPal service department did not reach the document to update our account information by 6pm today. Thus, everything is postponed to Monday.

We've been peeved about the initial error that caused this big delay and really disappointed at having to remain offline this weekend.

Hopefully, PayPal people get to our form early on Monday. Fingers are crossed...

Exciting Updates

We are hoping to open the site by the end of today. Thank you very much for your patience!

While you are waiting, we have good news for you!

1) New Pockys and chocolate-coated snacks have been added. (well, being added now)

Regular Pocky and Men's Pocky are also re-stocked.
If your area gets still hot during the day and your UPS driver leaves packages on the front porch, please be advised that chocolate may melt.

2) Awesome new stuff from Japan has arrived at our warehouse! They will become available online as early as Wednesday late afternoon.

Highly popular "Pink" series and Fun Molds (all five types) will be back along with new food picks, reusable mayo containers and sauce bottles.

3) $9.99 USB Engine Hub Sale!
No, we are not kidding about the price!
This fun UBS Hub is a great gift item. Don't wait. It will be gone quickly.