Extra-Tight Food Container E 3P

Just wanted to show you the size of Extra-tight Food Container E 3P.

In Natural Lunch Tight Seal Box
In Putifresh Tight Seal Box
In Tenmari Tight Seal Box

You can close these bento box covers with the lids of the containers on.
Hope these photos are helpful!


Christy said...

Oh, thank you! It is very helpful to see the sizes of the smaller containers actually inside the bento boxes. Do those fit in 2-tiers as well? (Seeing them in relation to both bottom and top tier would be awesome.)

Anonymous said...


Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

The Container E is too big for two-tier bento boxes.
Thanks for asking! We should've mentioned it.

Sara said...

This is SO helpful. It can definitely be tricky trying to figure out the sizes of things, so the more info, the better.

reece said...

I hope the pocky is restocked soon!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the tight seal Tenmari containers were listed as out of stock a few days ago, and now don't appear at all. Are they no longer available? Was this blog just a tease? 8<