Out of Stock Message Malfunction

All of sudden the "out of stock" message display disappeared from our web store last Thursday or Friday (we noticed it on Friday). If you placed an out of stock item in the cart, the system showed a message in red and didn't allow you to buy it, but we could foresee every customer's frustration.

Since our service provider could not give us any solution on Friday, the system was set to turn off all out of stock items.

From now on, when available quantities reach zero, items disappear from our web store whether you like it or not (!). Guess it gives a cleaner store look...

Sorry we couldn't inform you of this issue sooner.

Happy Shopping!

1 comment:

Christy said...

You guys are SO awesome with keeping us informed. I miss being able to link to the "out of stock" products just to show people the different stuff you carry at times, but that's certainly better than not knowing something is out of stock until it's in the cart! Thank you!