How We Created the Gorgeous Platter

We wanted to express our holiday spirit in the bento box this time.
Lacquered Shokado Bento Box was chosen as the box for this deluxe meal.

1) The upper right compartment contains snowmen rice balls, sausage reindeer, macaroni salad and chicken & broccoli salad from grocery store deli.
The left snowman wears a scarf made of imitation crab meat. He also has Poker pick hands and face and button created by seaweed.
The right guy has a cone-shaped carrot nose. (Yes, that was a meticulous work!)

The reindeer is created from fish sausages with a carrot nose and black sesame eyes.

2) In the small center compartment, a small bird, colorful stars and raspberries are placed.
The cute birdie is again created by cutting fish sausages and carefully shaping carrots into a tiny heart, oval and isosceles triangle. The eye is a black sesame seed. Yep, this was another challenging piece!
American slice cheese is cut into small stars using Cookie Cutter - Stars 6P and then a few are dyed with red food coloring. The yellow cheese turns into beautiful orange that resembles fresh carrot.

3) The right bottom corner houses two teriyaki chicken drumsticks, heart-shaped ham, and cheese birds.
The drumsticks are so tasty when served warm right out of the wok.
Regular sandwich ham become pretty hearts with the help of Cookie/Food Cutter - Heart. Again the red food coloring is used here. Cookie Cutter - Bird come in handy for those birds.

4) We forgot to take a picture of the left bottom corner. It has "pan asian" slaw from deli, Thai style shrimps and spaghetti, rain shoe, and a gift box.

5) Moving up to the upper left container, you can see star shaped sandwiches and blue berries.
To make these multi-layer sandwiches, Cookie Cutter - Stars are convenient. Butter milk bread appears to be another key for having a clean shape. Long food picks like Ocean Food Picks hold these sandwiches very well.

Well, how do you like it?
It took two people a few hours to make this box (many attempts to cut carrots & seaweed into presentable shapes), but the results were so worthwhile!

Your holiday meal/hors d'oeuvres in a Shokado box and Party Food Container would be a nice surprise for your family and guests this year.

We wish you all a warm, delicious and nutritious Thanksgiving day!


Katie said...

The food looks fabulous! Your picture was posted just after I ordered several of the Shokado boxes and it gave me some great ideas for using them.

Kelly said...

Wow! It's so beautiful-how can you stand to eat it?

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

Glad to hear you guys liked it!
We brought food and created this box in a company lunch room, so the variety of food was sort of limited. A more festive box meal is possible with a full kitchen at your home!