Perfect Gift from Ichiban Kan

Introducing Ichiban Kan web team's new project...

Clickety Click Gift Box!
Eleven popular items are packed in a gloss black box with three colorful tissues for void filling.
There will be Bear, Monkey and Rabbit sets.

Each set contains

  1. Clickety Click 2-tier Box
  2. Clickety Click Seal Lunch Box
  3. Clickety Click Square Seal Container
  4. Clickety Click Lunch Bag
  5. Clickety Click Lunch Box Belt
  6. Clickety Click Fork
  7. Clickety Click Spoon
  8. Animal 3D Food Picks
  9. Penguin Sauce Bottle 2P
  10. Silicon Food Cup 3P
  11. Glico Pocky
A lovely assortment box for friends, your family members, neighbors and colleagues! Nice and useful for both bento starters and experts.

The initial available quantity is limited to 10 sets per type. If these sets are popular, we will be happy to increase the quantity or expand the variety to Putifresh and/or Tenmari (depending on available stock).


Christy said...

What a truly fantastic idea!! That is awesome!

Kelly said...

You guys must have stolen that idea from me because I *just* bought my son the entire Monkey line (including the onigiri box) with two boxes of pocky a few weeks ago as a gift for him.

It's a great idea to have boxed sets of each type for people who're starting out on a new bento set.

Tổng Hợp said...