Wish You A Happy New Year

Greetings from the super foggy bay area.
Some parts of SF experience heavy fog every morning, but dense fog veiled an extensive area this morning. Looks like snow is piling up more in other parts of the country. Please drive safely if you are traveling!

By the way, we've recently added some more neat items.
Chirimen strap monkey, cell phone stand, mini and larger pig pouch
This is a set of two heat packs for shoes. These slim heat pads will keep you warm at feet for about 5 hours. We love these when working in the cold warehouse.
This is a tube storage pocket for spice tubes like the photo above. When laid in the fridge door compartments, these tubes slips around, so this is a cool storage place to keep your slim tubes organized.
For those who enjoy a warm bath, we have more bath salts. Two items from the "Bath Roman" series and Bathclin Cherry are now available.

Finally, we wish you a very happy new year.
Thank you so very much for becoming a fan of Ichiban Kan this year. We will keep bringing awesome products next year!


Christmas in SF

Illuminated Tree @ Union Square in downtown San Francisco.
Just for the record...


Hakoya: Re-Take

Hakoya is the brand by Tatsumiya Shikki (Japanese-only).
Tatsumiya is a lacquer ware manufacturer located in northern Japan.

While they've become well known for high end lunch boxes since 1991, they do produce other lacquered products, such as 2-tier Jyubako Boxes and Shokado Bento Box available at our store.

Hakoya 2-tier boxes have inner lids that close tight and prevent leaks.
In addition to elegant lacquered surface, plastic is stronger and durable as many of their boxes are dishwasher and microwave safe.
Some lunch boxes even come with food dividers! (we wish we had discovered this when we introduced the boxes a few weeks ago.)

If you haven't checked out Hakoya boxes on our web store, product photos have been changed to show the bento boxes better.

As we said repeatedly, we won't stop carrying inexpensive sets. :)


More Clarification

Just wanted to assure you that inexpensive items will not disappear from our store. :)

We decided to import high end Hakoya lunch boxes because those boxes are highly popular in Japan and perfect for someone who are interested in boxes of better quality than $1 ones.

Since most of our items are priced between $1 and $3, anything more than $5 stands out and looks expensive. However, we can assure you that we offer the lowest price possible on every item. For example, Rectangle 2-tier Box Cherry Pink is $14.50 at Ichiban Kan, and we agree that the box is pricey (yep, our minds are also used to dollar items!). In Japan this particular product is sold for ¥1400-1500.
Given the current exchange rate of $1 = ¥93, you would be paying a tad more dollars if you were to order the box from a store in Japan.
Well, you see our point...

We digressed, but the purpose of this post is to let you know that 1) the number of items will gradually increase and 2) affordable items are our specialty.

Finally, we are very grateful for your comments and suggestions. :)


Post Renewal Plans

It's a relief to hear that you are liking our revamped site categories!

Yes, as you noticed, the number of products has been significantly reduced.
Over the past half year we learned what our customers like on our web store, and we decided to shift the gear a bit to serve you better.
It's true that bento items have been our top sellers, but we will not become a bento-only store.
Ichiban Kan will continue to offer affordable, useful, and unique items from Japan.

We are aware that some popular products are still missing from the web store.
The following products are on our top list: storage baskets, Marry and Harry boxes, plastic food containers, more kitchen gadgets, gift wrapping materials, and snacks.




It's not the best timing to close business temporarily, but the online store had to be offline due to warehouse reorganization that has affected web operations. The decision was made rather suddenly and we regret that we did not have enough time to notify you.

When we are back to normal business, you will notice that our item offerings are smaller and more focused than before. We also took advantage of this opportunity to modify category navigation.
Categories have been re-named or re-indexed for you to click less to reach items of your interest.

Please be advised that certain items may no longer be available if you had items in the cart before December 3.

Next week very beautiful and gorgeous bento boxes from Hakoya will be available!

Thank you very much for your continued support!