Hakoya: Re-Take

Hakoya is the brand by Tatsumiya Shikki (Japanese-only).
Tatsumiya is a lacquer ware manufacturer located in northern Japan.

While they've become well known for high end lunch boxes since 1991, they do produce other lacquered products, such as 2-tier Jyubako Boxes and Shokado Bento Box available at our store.

Hakoya 2-tier boxes have inner lids that close tight and prevent leaks.
In addition to elegant lacquered surface, plastic is stronger and durable as many of their boxes are dishwasher and microwave safe.
Some lunch boxes even come with food dividers! (we wish we had discovered this when we introduced the boxes a few weeks ago.)

If you haven't checked out Hakoya boxes on our web store, product photos have been changed to show the bento boxes better.

As we said repeatedly, we won't stop carrying inexpensive sets. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are now carrying Hakoya boxes. They are really well made and beautiful. Thanks for carrying them. I hope you can get a wider selection as they're hard to find on-line, and for those of us that don't live in California, there are no local stores to buy them! Thanks again!

Katie said...

The new pictures really help to see how nice the boxes are. I ordered my first one!

AHK said...

I bought the giraffe and sea lion boxes. They are truly fine boxes. The plastic lacquer is very heavy and the designs are painted not stickers like most bento boxes. I returned to order the elephant and chipmunk boxes but they are out of stock. I hope you'll be getting more in soon.

To anybody who isn't sure if these are worth the extra price, I'd like to confirm that they are truly beautiful and well made boxes. They would easily be twice the price in other stores. You won't be dissapointed.