Post Renewal Plans

It's a relief to hear that you are liking our revamped site categories!

Yes, as you noticed, the number of products has been significantly reduced.
Over the past half year we learned what our customers like on our web store, and we decided to shift the gear a bit to serve you better.
It's true that bento items have been our top sellers, but we will not become a bento-only store.
Ichiban Kan will continue to offer affordable, useful, and unique items from Japan.

We are aware that some popular products are still missing from the web store.
The following products are on our top list: storage baskets, Marry and Harry boxes, plastic food containers, more kitchen gadgets, gift wrapping materials, and snacks.



Anonymous said...

Are you going to continue to carry the heat packs, the plastic kitchen organizer baskets and the plastic trays for refrigerators?

Katie said...

That's good to know. Thanks!

Enigmatic Enquirer said...

What kind of products does Ichiban Kan sell? Gift boxes and food? Pardon my ignorance, I've just never heard of this website before. ^^;;

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> Anonymous

Yes, plastic trays and baskets will be back soon. Thanks for reminding us of the heat packs as well :)

> Katie


> Enigmatic Enquirer

Welcome! Ichiban Kan carries a variety of household items, hair/body care products and non-perishable food. We are in the process of redesigning the online store and there will be more products over the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

will you bring back the lock & lock food containers? those were my favorite but never got arround to buy them.

Ellie said...

I and my family and friends here all love the United Butterscotch and Coffee candy - I'd hoped to use them as stocking stuffers this year. Will you by any chance be getting those (and other food snacks) restocked before Christmas? I was really saddened to see them disappear at such a busy time of year!

reece said...

Will you be getting the Tsubaki Shampoo back? I love that shampoo. It does miracles to my hair.

Anonymous said...

The Hakoya bentos are nice but the prices are a little high for me. I shop ichi ban kan because for its items and bentos that are so inexpensive. i shop here because it is a dollar store. I understand that the Hakoyas are supposed to be better quality, I guess. But I persoanlly would rather see some of the regularly priced sets. Although I am just one person. I am sure many will appreciate these nice bentos. I just wanted to leave my feedback on them. Thanks for allowing me to give an opinion.

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> Anonymous

GlassLock containers have been out of stock. They will be available again when restocked at the warehouse. Currently there is no immediate plan to restock them. :(

> Ellie

Yes, we are planning on restocking some of the popular snacks soon. Our vendor tends to sell out United Coffee Candies quickly, so we cannot guarantee its availability, though.

> reece

Yes, in fact we are going to restock them tomorrow!
Great to hear you love Tsubaki!

> Anonymous

Thank you for your opinion! Yes, the Hakoya boxes are more expensive than other boxes we carry (because of better quality), but we are confident our prices are competitive, compared to those offered elsewhere. :) Anyway, thank you for being a fan of Ichiban Kan!

scout said...

I am really excited to see the changes to the site! :) It is nice to have the bento boxes and bento accessories broken into different categories. And I for one am really excited to see the Hakoya boxes. I have one already, and the quality is MUCH better than the lower priced boxes. But I like the inexpensive ones, too! :) I am also really glad you aren't going to be going to an all-bento store, though. I love your other products, too.

Great job on the renewal! :)

Anonymous said...

can someone tell the features of these hakoya boxes and what makes them better quality than say, the natural lunch ones or bitter and milk ones? Would like to know before I purchase. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

We need snacks back quickly, I was going to buy some for stocking stuffers and would like to order from you. Hopefully they come back soon enough so I don't have to find a different site! ACK!!

Anonymous said...

Will you still stock the less expensive bentos and continue to get new designs of those?

I look for function and design rather than brand. The less costly bentos have worked out perfectly for me so far and with no problems so I really don't see quality as an issue.

It really concerned me to see the much higher priced bentos in the shop. Just looking for reassurance that you're going to continue to stock the less cost ones in the future too. Because with the high price of shipping added onto a much higher priced box, I fear I could not order from you any longer.

scout said...

Re: difference between Hakoya and natural lunch boxes - The Hakoya box I have is much sturdier than the Natural Lunch ones I own. The plastic is MUCH thicker, and the design will not wash off or scratch off. It will probably survive being dropped more times than my NL boxes, important since I pack bentos for my kids. :)

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> Scout
Thank you for sharing your opinion with us!

Kelly said...

I just wanted to say that I'm another fan of the snack section and I hope to see snacks returning soon. The miso soup packs were some of my favorite and of course pocky is always a fun gift to give and to eat myself. (: I think the new bentos are fantastic-I like to see the variety of both "expensive" and "dollar store" items.