It's not the best timing to close business temporarily, but the online store had to be offline due to warehouse reorganization that has affected web operations. The decision was made rather suddenly and we regret that we did not have enough time to notify you.

When we are back to normal business, you will notice that our item offerings are smaller and more focused than before. We also took advantage of this opportunity to modify category navigation.
Categories have been re-named or re-indexed for you to click less to reach items of your interest.

Please be advised that certain items may no longer be available if you had items in the cart before December 3.

Next week very beautiful and gorgeous bento boxes from Hakoya will be available!

Thank you very much for your continued support!


Jin said...

I have in recent months became a very avid fan of your website and the products that you carry. In the beginning I started shopping on Ikibankan.com because of the Bento supplies but as soon as I filled up my Bento cabinet in my kitchen, I began to look for other things to buy from your site. While I enjoyed all the Lunch Box supplies, I have also appreciated that I was able to purchase plastic storage containers, Japanese snacks like Pocky and condiments like furikake, laundry bags, stationeries, cleaning supplies, etc. What started as a shopping place for bento supplies had evolved into a place where I can buy so much more. I am thus utterly disappointed that you have removed A LOT of products from your website and it seems to just concentrate on Bento Supplies. I had several fabric storage boxes in my cart (Merry and Pop?) when your site went down and while I am disappointed that I can no longer purchase them, I was more disappointed that there was was no warning that a simple fix of large pictures would result in such a big revamp. I would have bought out so much more things then. :(

I already have most if not ALL of the bento lunch products that you sell on Ikibankan.com and if bento stuff are all that this website is going to become, then I will have to sadly say that there is no longer much of an interest for me to check your website everyday for things (other than bento stuff) to buy. :(

I hope that you will bring back the other products that you use to have on your site.

Yours truly,

Jenn said...

Love the new menu. Much easier to navigate and find the bento items. Thank you!

Katie said...

I agree with the two posters above.
The new format makes it MUCH easier to find the bento items and is very well laid out.
HOWEVER, as the first poster noted, the rest of the stock is greatly reduced. I also started with bento items but moved on to the kitchen gadgets (surprisingly good quality for the price!), containers and tableware, etc.
I'm looking forward to seeing some new items for bento but will miss all of the other neat things you had.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed also. I was trying to find the wash bowels and there isn't even a spa bath section listed anymore. Your store was so much more than bento.

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> Jin

Thank you so much for posting a very helpful comment! Don't be disappointed yet! Although we had to prioritize having complete sets of bento items, we will be strengthening other areas of the store soon. :)

> Jenn

Great to hear! Thank YOU!

> Katie

Thank you! While we will probably not regain the size of the stock we used to have, more items will be back on the web. :)

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> Anonymous

Thanks for your comment! We will be adding more products soon. Come back again!

Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago, one of the times when the site was being renewed, the items that were available to buy were many more which i liked; but after they reopened the store most of the items in my cart were gone :(
im looking forward to find new food storage items again on your website, like some of the lock & lock containers you once had. Also I hope to see the food section come back, along with more kitchen gadgets and maybe more bento supplies since I already own most of the ones you offer.
Im a big supporter and believer of Ichiban Kan, sadly I do not live in the California area, so i rely on the online store. I hope to see it restocked with more items soon, i'm looking forward to it.

saramwrap said...

I agree with other posts - I greatly enjoyed the old selection of products besides bento items. I really have all of the bento items I need at this point, and I've purchased a great deal of kitchen, household, storage, and personal items that I've loved. The diversity of products was really a huge strength for the store. I won't be checking back as often if the selection is going to be small and very focused.

One of the things I've loved the most about Ichiban Kan was the wacky assortment of goods - you really never know what you might find to buy! Oil solidifier? Fridge de-smeller? It's all there. I'm pleased with reorganization, but please keep the site diverse and well-stocked!