Wish You A Happy New Year

Greetings from the super foggy bay area.
Some parts of SF experience heavy fog every morning, but dense fog veiled an extensive area this morning. Looks like snow is piling up more in other parts of the country. Please drive safely if you are traveling!

By the way, we've recently added some more neat items.
Chirimen strap monkey, cell phone stand, mini and larger pig pouch
This is a set of two heat packs for shoes. These slim heat pads will keep you warm at feet for about 5 hours. We love these when working in the cold warehouse.
This is a tube storage pocket for spice tubes like the photo above. When laid in the fridge door compartments, these tubes slips around, so this is a cool storage place to keep your slim tubes organized.
For those who enjoy a warm bath, we have more bath salts. Two items from the "Bath Roman" series and Bathclin Cherry are now available.

Finally, we wish you a very happy new year.
Thank you so very much for becoming a fan of Ichiban Kan this year. We will keep bringing awesome products next year!


Anonymous said...

Will you be re-stocking the Hakoya bento boxes soon. I missed out on them!
Please say yes!!!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

YES I also would be intrested in the hakoya bento boxes they are so beautiful