Sneak Preview

Thank you very much for your support during our transition to a different software. Our store has run a little over a week without any major incident.
Some detailed descriptions did fall through the cracks while data was moved, and we've been adding back information wherever necessary.
Most of size info and cautionary notes should be there, but if you have any concerns or quesions, please feel free to write to us from the "contact us" form.
Also, we will also fix photos that are not correctly aligned.

Yesterday we finally had some time to look for recent new items in the main warehouse. :)
Here's a collection of what we found!
This is not everything. There are additional products that weren't included in this photo due to space limitation.

To list a few...

Awesome Japanese-style mouse pads (very limited qty)
Japanese coasters
Fun scented and kneaded erasers
High quality ceramic bowls made in Japan for great values
"Palty" Hair dye

We don't mean to tease, but it might take us a few business days to complete the update.

Oh some of you asked us about Hakoya boxes. Yes, we are importing them again, but please wait for a couple of months.


Update on System Switch

We will terminate the current store front at 9am PT on Monday, February 16.

Then we have to upload stock quantity to the new system (keep fingers crossed!) and point the domain name to the new server.

Even if our store is ready to go, it may take up to 72 hours for the domain registrar to process the server change. In the best case scenario, we will be up and running on Monday. In the worst, our store may have to stay offline until Wednesday or Thursday.

As mentioned before, please rest assured that the variety and number of items will not change.
However, if you have many items in the cart, please take a note of those items.

For those who live in Alaska and Hawaii, we are working to figure out shipping fees for your states using USPS.

Thank you for your continued support!


Picture theft is not tolerated

We've been alerted that our original product photos and front page photos have been used on other commercial web sites (e.g. ebay, online stores). In some cases our photos have been even wartermarked as if they were their own.

Please do not take advantage of our hard work if you buy items from our web store and sell them*.
*we do not have a wholesale program.
If you would like to use photos produced by others, please acknowledge the source(s).

When identified, your future relationship with us will be jeopardized.

Feel free to use our photos for spreading the word about our store on blogs, Kaboodle, and other social media.


Thermal Set and Hakoya

Just a quick update:

We will be able to offer you Thermal Sets and Hakoya boxes again in a few months!


Major Change

Long time no entry!

One of the staff has been under the weather for a while and we've had just enough manpower to maintain the web store and ship out orders.

In any case, we have a very important announcement today.
Due to software change, you will see a drastic change on the web store between Feb 15 and 20.
We haven't quite figured out the exact date of switch, but we will try to do it as early as possible with a minimum offline time.

We will carry over the same variety and number of items; however, bear with us if you don't initially see everything up on time. Of course, we will keep growing the number of offerings!

Good things about the new system:

+ Product reviews - this will be a nice way to exchange information and post your reviews on items. We will censor only obscene words.

+ Wish list - this is currently internal, meaning that the list will be available only within your account. The provider is optimistic about developing a public wish list function in the future.

+ Easier checkout - we hope one-page checkout will make the checkout process simpler. In addition, it will be easier to change your mind about color and design options from the cart.

+ Hawaii, Alaska, International Shipping - the new system will enable us to control shipping methods better. We are confident that we could offer expanded shipping options in the near future. Let us get the site and up and running first before expanding delivery areas... When enabling international shipping, we will start with a few selected countries.

Bad thing about the new system:

+ Customer data - our current software has a very tight security feature (which is good), so we are unable to export and import all customer-related data.
Although we could set temporary passwords and email each one of you, we think it's rather pointless since we are unable to copy sales history and customer service messages, which will be your primary interest when looking up your account.
We sincerely apologize for the convenience.

Note about orders:

Even after the web site switches to a new system, we will ship out orders using the old system for those accepted through the old one. Please rest assured that you will still receive a shipping notice in that case.

Thank you!!!!