Picture theft is not tolerated

We've been alerted that our original product photos and front page photos have been used on other commercial web sites (e.g. ebay, online stores). In some cases our photos have been even wartermarked as if they were their own.

Please do not take advantage of our hard work if you buy items from our web store and sell them*.
*we do not have a wholesale program.
If you would like to use photos produced by others, please acknowledge the source(s).

When identified, your future relationship with us will be jeopardized.

Feel free to use our photos for spreading the word about our store on blogs, Kaboodle, and other social media.


Susannah said...

I saw that on eBay. I thought that the seller was affiliated with you in some way. It was rather curious!

Anonymous said...

I have noticed it also and thought the sellers weren't only "ripping-off" people on the prices, but your pictures too!

Biggie said...

Thanks for the note about not having a wholesale program -- I had thought you did, and referenced it in a blog post. I'll go correct that now!

Happosai said...

That's awful!! Stupid losers.

Sile said...

Is it ok to post one of your pictures on a site that reviews (NOT SELL) your products? I think I may have used one of your pictures (along with a link to the product on your site so others could buy it) in one of my blog posts. But I can totally remove it and take my own picture of the product.

I do not resell your products, but I do like to spread the news when I get a good find!

Melantha Lady said...

I've also referenced and linked to your product pages using your photos in blogs. If this is an issue I will remove the current photos and refrain from using any but those I take in the future.

I just wanted to spread the word and introduce others to your products.

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> Sile and Melantha

Thank you for spreading the word about our store!
We don't mind it at all when our customers use our photos for personal use (e.g. email messages, blogs, Kaboodle, twitter, etc).
We are very grateful for those who introduce our store to others. :)