Sneak Preview

Thank you very much for your support during our transition to a different software. Our store has run a little over a week without any major incident.
Some detailed descriptions did fall through the cracks while data was moved, and we've been adding back information wherever necessary.
Most of size info and cautionary notes should be there, but if you have any concerns or quesions, please feel free to write to us from the "contact us" form.
Also, we will also fix photos that are not correctly aligned.

Yesterday we finally had some time to look for recent new items in the main warehouse. :)
Here's a collection of what we found!
This is not everything. There are additional products that weren't included in this photo due to space limitation.

To list a few...

Awesome Japanese-style mouse pads (very limited qty)
Japanese coasters
Fun scented and kneaded erasers
High quality ceramic bowls made in Japan for great values
"Palty" Hair dye

We don't mean to tease, but it might take us a few business days to complete the update.

Oh some of you asked us about Hakoya boxes. Yes, we are importing them again, but please wait for a couple of months.


Jen said...

hmm I cannot find a "new items" page. Is there one? If not, will there be one soon?

Tracy said...

Great stuff! Can't wait to buy some.

Ellie said...

I can't find the new Items button, I can't even log in!

Katie said...

Re: Ellie
I think we all have to start over and create new accounts since the system switch.
I hope the "new" button returns also. : )

scout said...

I do like the "Long time no see" page, but I, too, miss being able to see all the new items in one section.

Astrid said...

Are the square clickety click boxes coming back any time soon?