Update on System Switch

We will terminate the current store front at 9am PT on Monday, February 16.

Then we have to upload stock quantity to the new system (keep fingers crossed!) and point the domain name to the new server.

Even if our store is ready to go, it may take up to 72 hours for the domain registrar to process the server change. In the best case scenario, we will be up and running on Monday. In the worst, our store may have to stay offline until Wednesday or Thursday.

As mentioned before, please rest assured that the variety and number of items will not change.
However, if you have many items in the cart, please take a note of those items.

For those who live in Alaska and Hawaii, we are working to figure out shipping fees for your states using USPS.

Thank you for your continued support!


valentina said...

your new website is cool!
But what about international shipping?
(France for example, as I live in this country).
Thank you !

Yin said...

I like one function on the old web a lot: when you continue shopping, those items you already picked into your shopping cart will show the quantity below the item view, so you know you have already choose that item.

The new web seems don't have this function....

Santiago said...

Hi, I'd like to know if you're going to get the two bags for the Putifresh Apple set anytime soon. Thanks!

Jen said...

hi! I like the new webshop a lot. I've already noticed a feature or two that weren't available on the older site. Very nice!
Are you going to add sub-category photos, I kind of miss having those. :) (example bento box link when clicked only shows a list of brands or styles)

Ellie said...

I also miss the sub category photos. I feel the site now resembles those 'search not found/buy your domain' sites you stumble across when a link is broken. I miss the old site.

I also went to log in, and it doesn't recognise my login anymore. Were those lost in the move to the new software?

A little disappointing, I was really happy with Ichiban til now :(

Anonymous said...

Yes! Please ship to Hawaii!!!!!