St. Patrick's Day in Japan

During almost 20 years of my life in Japan, I never heard of St. Patrick's Day. I don't remember it being reported on TV or in the newspaper when I lived there.

It just occurred to me whether there was any celebration in Japan. Yes, there was in Tokyo! Perhaps I never knew this Irish holiday because I lived in a mid-size city?

By the way, we started twittering ->
It allows us to give you a quick, casual update and we will do our best to be active!


Ellie said...

I used to check Ichibanusa.com daily....now I check hardly ever, and quickly give up. I don't like that my old login and info disappeared, along with my wishlist. I absolutely HATE that there's no 'new' category, so I have to check all the categories....along with all the completely-unhelpful subcategories (like how you can't view all the bento boxes together, but must view one or the other type separately). It's tedious, time consuming, and it's put me off bento-ing all together.

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> Ellie

We do have the "New" category.
Sorry it hasn't been obvious on the store front...
There is also a category where we list items that were out of stock for a while but are recently restocked.

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

Update: we put the "New" banner back on the top right of the store front.

Katieg said...

Re: Ellie

I too enjoyed looking at the bento items grouped together on the old site but quickly saw the advantage of the new setup. I spent much more time scrolling through the pages of bento items than I do now. The people at the store have been very diligent about updating the "New" and "Long Time No See" categories on the new site so I don't feel like I have to check every single category anymore to keep from missing something.(I started with bento but also like their other items.)And yes, I check at least once a day also, LOL.
As far as the new login, I just put my old information back in to set up the new account and everything was fine.
The checkout procedure is much simpler for me with more of my information saved and less for me to input each time.
It is different but the new features definitely outweigh the old.
Now, how about some new bento items?!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

I think most people are probably wondering why no new bento? I believe that is why most were excited for the online store..because they could get bentos at a great price. but now there hasn't been any..maybe it is the economy? I know for me personally I stopped shopping here because I rarely see new things or anything that catches my eye.

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