Who's the girl on Milky Candy?

Peko-chan is a 6 year-old super famous mascot of Fujiya confectionery.

One of our new snacks Fujiya Peko-chan Milky Candy is manufactured with rich condensed milk from Hokkaido in Japan. This small box contains 7 flavorful individually wrapped candies.
The milk-flavored caramel candy is a delicious treat for everybody.

Peko-chan is so adorable that some people even steal Peko-chan, risking jail time!

We've also added Kikori No Kiri Kabu chocolate snack and "momi nori" shredded seaweed. Shredded seaweed is commonly used on tofu and soba.


reece said...

The palty hair dye has no English instructions. Could you please add instructions such as how long to keep it in the hair before rinsing?

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> reece
we thought we wrote enough info, but thanks for pointing out the lack of the important instruction!
we will update the product pages now.