Children's Day (Kodomo no Hi)

Children's Day falls on Tuesday, May 5 in Japan.

This holiday is part of the "Golden Week," a period of several successive national holidays. People commonly take the entire week off and go on vacations. Children's Day is a holiday to celebrate children's well-being and happiness.

The name Children's Day is misleading, though, as this is a day for boys celebrated with carp kites and the traditional Japanese military helmet which represents masculine strength.

In recognition of the national holiday, the JCCCNC in SF presents the annual Children's Day Festival in Japantown on May 2.


Recently updated neat stuff

Just in time for the swine flu outbreak: now 3 types of masks are available. I just caught a nasty cold last week. Masks came in handy to prevent my cold virus from spreading to others in the office.
3D mask 3P (3layers), 3D mask 5P (2 layers), mask with catechin sheet

Non-calorie fruits jelly: sweet and soft just like jello
Fruits jelly full of fibers: nice fruity taste just like non-calorie ones. firmer than ordinary jelly.

Seasonal Japanese summer staples: ceramic wind chimes, glass wind chimes

Yummy caramel corn puff snacks in charming packages

More origami papers like this one


Quick Update

You might want to check out "Long time no see" category (and maybe "New" as well) after 6pm PT today. ;)



More information about what to be restocked:

  • Naruhodo onigiri mold Tawara and Mini
  • Boiled egg mold Fish & Car (No Rabbit & Bear)
  • Cute Egg Mold Heart & Star
  • Animal Food Picks
  • Penguin Mayo Cup
  • Silicon Food Cup 4pc and 3pc
  • Clickety Click 2-tier Box Bear, Monkey and Rabbit
  • Clickety Click Belt Bear
  • (this will be the final replenishment of CC items, sorry there isn't a full CC line available...)
  • A few of the Hakoya boxes we carried before along with new ones
  • Natural Lunch Lunch Bag Brown, Green and Pink
  • Natural Lunch mini container 3P
  • Natural Lunch Trio Utensil Set Brown, Green and Pink
  • Nohohon Park Clear Dry-Erase Board
This is just a short list. There will be more!
Be patient while we'll work hard to have items available.


1st Year Anniversary Special

Yes, our online store has been around for 1 year!
To thank you for your continued support, we thought about a way to show our appreciation.

From 12pm PT today through 6pm PT on April 30, our shipping fee will be $8 flat for Ground service regardless of order subtotal.
Well, you expected free shipping? We wish we could offer that, too.
This is the best we can do, given the slightly increased UPS rates and our already discounted product prices.

We were hoping to introduce new and replenished items at the same timing, but they are not here yet!


New food additions

Did you know the difference between panko and breadcrumbs?

Panko ("pan"=bread, "ko"=powder, crumbs) and Tempura Batter Mix are new additions to our affordable Food section.
Just like other knick knacks and snacks, our prices are lower than anyone else on the Internet (and possibly your local grocery stores)!

This New York Times article is rather old, but has a brief history of panko along with a few interesting recipes.

ps. Regular Glico Pocky and Pocky Milk have been also restocked. :)


San Mateo Store to Be Closed on April 19

Sadly our San Mateo Store is closing in a few weeks...
Stock up Ichiban Kan goodies before the store closes!

Tanforan store is scheduled to open in July.