1st Year Anniversary Special

Yes, our online store has been around for 1 year!
To thank you for your continued support, we thought about a way to show our appreciation.

From 12pm PT today through 6pm PT on April 30, our shipping fee will be $8 flat for Ground service regardless of order subtotal.
Well, you expected free shipping? We wish we could offer that, too.
This is the best we can do, given the slightly increased UPS rates and our already discounted product prices.

We were hoping to introduce new and replenished items at the same timing, but they are not here yet!


DeNote said...
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DeNote said...

While we're waiting on the Oakland shipment, could you give us an idea/list some items in the cargo? I'm hoping for lots of bento items and accessories.

Anonymous said...

Please consider USPS (United States Postal Service) Priority shipping for small items which is cheaper than UPS. Shipping based on weight would also be nice. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

your selection sucks