More information about what to be restocked:

  • Naruhodo onigiri mold Tawara and Mini
  • Boiled egg mold Fish & Car (No Rabbit & Bear)
  • Cute Egg Mold Heart & Star
  • Animal Food Picks
  • Penguin Mayo Cup
  • Silicon Food Cup 4pc and 3pc
  • Clickety Click 2-tier Box Bear, Monkey and Rabbit
  • Clickety Click Belt Bear
  • (this will be the final replenishment of CC items, sorry there isn't a full CC line available...)
  • A few of the Hakoya boxes we carried before along with new ones
  • Natural Lunch Lunch Bag Brown, Green and Pink
  • Natural Lunch mini container 3P
  • Natural Lunch Trio Utensil Set Brown, Green and Pink
  • Nohohon Park Clear Dry-Erase Board
This is just a short list. There will be more!
Be patient while we'll work hard to have items available.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

will you be restocking these before the 8.00 shipping event is over?

DeNote said...
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DeNote said...

REQUEST: bento sausage cutters (octopus, crab, penguin, etc.) & Meiji Coffeebeat Chocolate