Recently updated neat stuff

Just in time for the swine flu outbreak: now 3 types of masks are available. I just caught a nasty cold last week. Masks came in handy to prevent my cold virus from spreading to others in the office.
3D mask 3P (3layers), 3D mask 5P (2 layers), mask with catechin sheet

Non-calorie fruits jelly: sweet and soft just like jello
Fruits jelly full of fibers: nice fruity taste just like non-calorie ones. firmer than ordinary jelly.

Seasonal Japanese summer staples: ceramic wind chimes, glass wind chimes

Yummy caramel corn puff snacks in charming packages

More origami papers like this one


FlyerFan said...

When will the fans be back? Loved them last summer!

Ichiban Kan Web Team said...

> FlyerFan
Not sure if we are going to get hand fans this year. If we get them in May or June shipment, we will have them available. (the web staff haven't gotten future item lists yet)

The Book Cellar said...

The japanese corn puffs are AWESOME - I ordered all three flavors... Yum! Carry those more often!