Adding more and more!

The web team got a bit more warehouse space for food, so we are increasing our food offerings.

Finally we have Caramel Corn Original, which has recently been reviewed on SF Weekly.
If you've liked miso soup, 3 more varieties are now stocked. :)
Hello Kitty Marshmallow is one of the recent items we are really excited about. The jelly inside does taste strawberry. The cute package is also kids friendly.

Along with food, we are bringing more Japanese hair and body care products.

Since Palty has been more popular than anticipated, Sparkling Blonde and Natural Black have been added. The other colors should be restocked sometime soon.
White hair dyes made by the same manufacturer as Palty are also in stock for those who need a quick hair color fix before going out, etc.
A value set of Kracie (formerly Kanebo) Naive Face Wash is a really good deal, too!

In any case, don't miss out these awesome items at the "new" section!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Stay away from flu!

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