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Here are some products recently reviewed:

As we don't get to test all items, we often learn about products we carry from these reviews. As we mentioned before, we do screen for obscene words, but do not reject any comments based on the review ratings. We thank customers who contributed to product reviews so far!

Magnet Hook #4560177462873 $1.25

7 Pack Bubble Gum #21_046572800075 $0.89

Magnifying Glass #4954390200044 $1.50

Extra-tight Food Container T #4955959123019 $1.50

Noriten Fried Seaweed #21_4985636007257 $2.29

Natural Lunch Drink Bottle #4965534857710 $1.50

Disposable Bathtub Sheets #4956810212842 $1.00

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