Some recent FAQ

Some frequently asked questions:

#1: What happened to Clickety Click?
As announced several times before, Clickety Click has ceased and the TomoTomo line has replaced CC.
Due to its discontinued status, we are no longer able to import CC.

What's up with the inconsistent animal designs of TomoBoy and Girl? When we received the catalog from the manufacturer, we thought the same!
Manufacturer designed the product line that way, and that's why we do not have a set of items in one animal, for example, TomoBoy's 2-tier box is bear and tight seal box giraffe, and so on.

As for Putifresh, it's also being discontinued. To the best of our knowledge, the manufacturer has not designed any replacement line.

#2: Are you planning on carrying more food picks, sauce bottles, food dividers, etc?
We know that there are more lunch decoration goodies in the Japanese market. As you are aware, we offer super low prices because we rely on items available for low purchase costs (which does not mean inferior quality). While we would love to increase offerings, it's also hard to get good deals on everything!

#3: Are you going to offer international shipping any time soon?
We were very hopeful to expand our delivery areas, but USPS has been somewhat unreliable and we are not confident about using them internationally yet. :(

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